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About Us


Soon after graduating from the esteemed Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Massachusetts in January of 1994, Connie moved to Sarasota Florida to continue her career in massage therapy.  She established  Massage Experience, Siesta Key in June of 1996 after working at the now defunct Massage Store on Siesta Key for 2 years.  Seeking to expand her professional areas of expertise and education Connie attended and graduated from the Fashion Focus Hair Academy with a facial specialist certification and aesthetics in 2004.

Massage Experience, Siesta Key evolved into a boutique day spa and health and wellness center.  Connie and her staff of licensed massage therapists have created a professional space that is both tranquil and relaxing perfect for unwinding while on a vacation or a “staycation”.    The spa has become a  must do for visitors from all over the world and locals alike, earning a 5 star certificate of excellence and a 5 star rating on the well known travel site  TripAdvisor  in 2013

Massage Experience Siesta Key, located in the Davidson Drug Plaza in Siesta Village, is the perfect place to enjoy a therapeutic massage. The professional yet casual environment lends itself perfectly to the Siesta Key atmosphere.

“My personal philosophy when massaging a client for the first time, or the hundred and first time, is to let my hands “tell me what to do.”  After so many years of practice I have a sixth sense about pressure and what the client may need from me during the session. I listen with my hands and  utilize my years of practice and persona experience to give the client the perfect session for them. “

Connie Lewis  July 15, 2014

Connie’s signature massage treatments may include sports massage neuromuscular as well as trigger point therapy.  She incorporates her 23 years if practice into each customized  session. Her experience with assisted stretching deeply relaxing intuitive massage has been cultivated through her many years of practice. Please read about what past and current clients are saying on
We have three cozy treatment rooms two of which have lovely tropical garden atrium areas with orchids and tropical foliage for you to enjoy while receiving your massage and spa treatments.  We can offer private parties or small groups for weddings or special occasions.
We sincerely look forward to adding to your vacation time on Siesta Key and Sarasota and will do everything possible to insuring you have a wonderful and relaxing MASSAGE EXPERIENCE !

Our Spa Experience

Making an appointment is suggested, especially in our busy season (February, March, April and May) but we frequently have walk-in and same-day appointments available.

Take Your Time
Arrive early to fill out any intake forms that may apply if you have not been in for any services within the past twelve months you will be asked to update your information. This insures the best possible service is provided for you.

Personalized Care
You will be escorted from treatment to treatment by our friendly staff. Feel free to ask any questions you have. We are all here to help.

If you have never had a massage before, you are in for a treat! All of our therapists are trained, licensed and experienced in therapeutic massage. Here are a few tips to prepare you for this indulgence.

Let your therapist know it’s your first massage. S/he will take a moment to explain the process, discuss any muscle tension or pain you’ve been experiencing and answer any questions you have. Agree on a progression that allows time to address any issues, for example, if you hold tension in your shoulders and jaw, you may want to skip your legs. Or, you may want to relax with a full body massage. Let your therapist know in advance, but feel free to change your mind. It’s your massage.

Undress to your level of comfort. A sheet will be used to cover your body except for the portion being massaged, so most clients choose to completely disrobe. If you feel more comfortable wearing your underthings during your treatment, that’s fine. It’s your massage.

Every body is different and no one knows what works best for you better than you do. Help your therapist help you by communicating your comfort level with the amount of pressure. Your body needs to be relaxed to respond to massage work. If you are tensing up because the work is too deep, you will not fully benefit from the work you are receiving. Feel free to speak up at any time. It’s your massage.

Allow yourself to focus on your body, breathe deeply and take in the wonderful sensations of receiving a massage. While some people appreciate the quiet, others find conversation helps them unwind. Your therapist has plenty to think about when assessing and treating your muscles, so don’t feel as though you have to chat, but if you wish to, you may. It’s your massage.

Although no two massages are exactly alike, there are some commonly accepted rules or propriety. If, for example, you don’t request a particular massage therapist, the spa or massage center personnel should ask whether you prefer a man or a woman. And discretion dictates that even a same-sex therapist leave the room while you disrobe and arrange yourself on the massage table. You should also be given the option of keeping on your underwear. Towels or sheets will be available to cover you.

If you have any as yet unanswered questions about what to expect from your visit, feel free to call or email us. We are more than happy to answer them for you.